Why are you angry with me?


We, humans, are a very bourgeois species, we are quickly upset with each other, and we are going through very hard, or … it is possible to remain upset for eternity. (That’s not what happens to dogs, for example … :)), they only live this moment.)

When people get upset, they turn their backs, they run away from you, they do not talk to you anymore for hours, weeks, years … or, as the case may be, in this life, or in any other possible life from another parallel universe!

There is another category of people who, when they get upset, they get angry and attack you (in a more subtle or more direct way), depending on the case, age, gender, and situation.But why do people react like that? If it is to ask biology or more precisely neurobiology, everything is very simple.
Neurologically everything depends on the limbic system, the one located somewhere at the lower levels of the human mind, plus the aggressive or regressive behavioral component.
And yet, one word triggers such a behavioral state.
It is true, we are all born with tendencies, but how can it be explained that a single word perceived in that place in our head can trigger so many attitudes, so many reactions in our body, so many facts.
How can a word, (as Dr. Christian Andrei say), alter your blood pressure, alter your corticosteroid level, bloat you with adrenaline?
After many years of research, only in 2016, it became clear, the word that can change so much, the word that makes you upset is the word NO.
The word No, is used since you were a child by those who dominate you, by those who make the rules, the other people.
Since you were a child the people around you have told you things like: It is not allowed !.. Not now,… Not you!
Although inside of you, everything is positively dressed, all questions have the answer Yes, especially when you are right!(You have the right to be loved, but you are not the loved one, it is someone else, you have the right to buy something you want, but someone else gets it … life is full of the word No)
And all these NOT assembled, produce frustrations that come into our limbic system, and we get upset.
So back to “Why are you angry with me?” :))) Because we are educated so..(more precisely, conditioned!),

My friend!


Author: mydoina

Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes. -Carl Gustav Jung-

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