About Expectations and Labels, or “The Pygmalion Effect” …

A sophisticated name for one of the most common mistakes in today’s society. The “Pygmalion Effect” implies the phenomenon that the higher our expectations of a person, the better his /her performance will get. It is based on a test (Rosenthal & Jakobson 1968), a powerful type of self-fulfilled prophecy, in a classic experiment about teachers´ expectations, a simple experiment in which students received a standard intelligence test. At the end of the test, the teachers received a list of five students who were supposed to have obtained unusually high IQ scores, and that were expected to become “class sprinters”.In reality, however, the five children were randomly chosen.By the end of the year, all children won in IQ, but the five “elected” won much more than the other students. Obviously, the teachers treated them differently, after they were told, to expect a sudden improvement in performances of the five elected students. This discovery was called the Pygmalion Effect, after the name of the sculptor, from Greek mythology, who fell in love with his sculpture. The statue of a beautiful woman, which he perfected until the statue came to life. Obviously, it is a myth, about self-sufficiency and performance. Similarly to the teachers who were shown “a beautiful image,” about the five students, they brought that image to life, just as in mythology. The mental process is very simple and easy to use, we just have to set our expectations :)), but this process highlights a vicious circle:

People are the prisoners of the labels!

Self-fulfilling-Prophecy-Model (2)

Without us wanting this, we are the prisoners of the labels, without them, we can not define a human or the action of a human.The irony is that we conform to these labels, even if the motivation behind them is purely subjective, (you get a label that requires you to act in a certain way, often depending on random motivations such as the color of your skin, the place where you were born in, if you have blue eyes and golden hair … or not … :), if you have a social status, mutually accepted by the society, if you are heterosexual … etc …).

I have recently read a quote that says “when you hate someone, no matter how that person will act, you will continue to hate him/her.” Nothing truer!

We are automatically the result of the expectations of others, we are inoculated with the idea that: “If you are born a Hen, you can not become an Eagle!”, What can be expected of you is that you become a good chicken soup, in no way, that you come with pretensions, that you can fly! Well, you could try to let go of the flight, of a fence, in a free fall, … perhaps perplexed by the philosophical idea, which argues that in each hen lives an eagle waiting to be released, but the results will be disastrous and will only confirm the expectations for you.When and how is change possible? If it is possible? … there is a lot of maculature (read, specialized literature) that promises you, you just have to say 20 positive incantations and breathe 10 times deeply :)), or read books of transformation such as “How to Learn to Fly in 30 Steps,” or “Trigger Your Eagle”, “The Sky is the Limit!”….. There is also a pile of truth in it, just that, not The Sky is our limit, but the Horizon of our own ignorance, inherent at first, self-cultivated, later!

In order to fly and overcome the “Chicken” situation, we have to get to understand ourselves first, to understand how the mechanics of the processes that brought us here, in this situation work,… the Input-Output mechanisms, (pure mechanics, without poetry, no emotional affection, which the mind does not recognize, no religious fatalism … that makes you accept without understanding, …. shortly :)): without Shakespeare.).

Once you understand how you got here, the process of “Unleashing yourself” can begin, then you can rebuild yourself after a “Design” chosen and conceived by yourself, and not by those who influenced you without you having the right to choose.

Because if you do not know there are options, there is no real choice!