When Does Life Begin?

I read an article yesterday on the “Thegodmolecule” site, which impressed me. I must tell you too because it is a lesson that we in the so-called “civilized” world not only do not have this practice, either even if we knew it some time ago, it seems to have been permanently deleted, from our collective memory. It is the story of an African tribe, where the birth date of a child does not mean the day the child was born, nor the time when it conceived, but the day when his mother thought the child.


When a woman wants a child, when a woman is determined to bring a child into the world, she goes alone and sits under a tree, listening in solitude until she hears, the song of the child who wants to be born. After hearing the song of her child, still unborn, still unthinkable, she returns to the man who will be the child’s father and teaches him the tune of their future child. Then, when they make love together, to physically conceive the child, they will sing the child’s song as a call for it.

The next stage is to teach other women and the wise old people of the community her child’s song, as when the baby is born, all the village’s breath to get it right, and to greet them with a welcome song, her newborn. As the baby grows, the other villagers learn the child’s song. When a child falls or gets hurts, someone nearby, he raises and sings his song. Or, when the child does something beautiful or when he goes through puberty rituals, the villagers sing his song as a way of honoring him.

But this is not all, in this African tribe there is still another occasion when the villagers sing the child’s song.

If at any time of his life the person commits a crime or something that is considered an unacceptable social act, then he/she is called in the center of the village, and the members of the community form a circle around him. Then they sing the song for him/her, the song that every mother hears when she is ready to have a baby.

The tribe is aware that how to correct an asocial behavior is not punishment but love and the reminder of true identity.

When you recognize your song, you have no desire or need to do anything that could hurt someone else. And so their lives unfold.

During the marriage, they sing their songs together. Then, when a community member lying in bed, ready for death, all the villagers know his song, and they sing – for the last time – that person’s song.

Even if we were not born and raised in an African tribe that reminds us of our song in the crucial moments of our existence, life is careful to do so!When what we do makes us feel congruent with ourselves it means we resonate with our song and play it well.After all, we will all recognize our song!

Even if you are shy at first, keep playing, and you will find your way to fulfillment, you will find your way home!

Author: mydoina

Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes. -Carl Gustav Jung-

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