entering the tiger’s cage…

According to Sartre, human existence doesn’t have a specific justification. There is no reason why there would be a certain thing, an affirmation that extends, of course, to the human race as well. According to Sartre, human existence has not depended on man, and the human does not know why he exists: “Existence precedes essence.”
In other words, we are exiled, thrown into this existence. Well, if we look at things from the perspective of atheist-existentialism, we have nothing to believe except that we live in an absurd world that leads to nowhere and has no one at the control panel.
Although religious and spiritual doctrines (depending on geography) postulate the immutability of something or someone under the command of the universe (perhaps universes, we certainly do not know that), and which would consequently be the omnipotent master of our destiny and who has the absolute and ultimate decision-making power, of the destiny of mankind, but not only humanity.

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Personally, I really like the first presumption. Why? (Do not throw stones, not yet :)).
 Because being exiled in this reality, our freedom can be absolute.
 With this freedom, we become the authors of our own life stories. Our existence can gain a sense of ourselves, precisely by assuming this freedom; our life can become authentic because we are both the author and the character simultaneously. We define ourselves as identities and shape our existence through our choices or the way we respond to reality, and thus become an essence (softer or more resilient, as the case may be).
It is indeed more comfortable to invest somebody or something with supreme authority (absolute) and try to comply with the requirements promoted by “ground staff” of that or something divine. Comfortable, as I said, because if something goes wrong, we can easily blame (as the case may be): the devil, demonic energies, karma, or we can blame ourselves or our family (obviously pushed to sin by the same evil entities).
Of course, this subject is very vast and has been widely debated, divagating and philosophizing easily on its edge, as we move freely around the axis of time.
 What I want to reveal is just that:
 Freedom means you can choose!
Although it may seem paradoxical, we have this freedom every moment, but it is difficult (for many of us almost impossible) to bear the consequences, or in more onerous terms: “assuming freedom.”
Why? Well, for at least two reasons:
– The first reason is that few understand. Nobody can assume anything that he does not understand.
– The second reason is that, assuming our freedom there will no longer be guilty people. I mean, we will no longer have friends, that we can blame, we can’t even blame ourselves.
And perhaps above these two causes, to assume your freedom requires a great deal of courage. And this courage is somewhat greater than entering the tiger’s cage (But we can choose to look at it through the bars and wonder why).