The Möbius band…

As in chemistry: “Nothing is lost, nothing is added, but everything is transformed,” so the human being passes through the world. We are the puppets of the cyclical time, of the archetype, which throws us into the seemingly unordered world, precisely to respect the Order. We are faithful children of the universal matrix, people created in the image and its resemblance, which each of us refreshes and resumes.
The idea of cyclicity of the time that resumes, of the spiral, is strongly emphasized by the Möbius band. The seasons are cyclical, a “tour of the band” equates to a new year. The leaf could best emphasize this infinite repetition. The spring becomes a bud, the summer is green and full of life, the autumn is painted in warm colors, the winter falls, it disappears in spring, because Möbius’s band leaves nothing to lose, and the road once passed will be resumed to infinity . Each leaf, like every human being, has its own band, it’s born, it blooms, withers and dies to revive, then to resume the cycle. An eventual exit would never be possible, the band condemns to repeatability, to the “endless end” that G. Bacovia speaks of.

The archetype also gives man a dual character. The human being has both good and evil. Thus, like his/her band, which apparently has only two faces, so man is defined by good parts and evil parts. We are beautiful and ugly, happy and sad, white and black at the same time, our soul being, in fact, gray. So, although we have two faces, what defines us is the FACE created by them, the balance between them, their joining, the way they mix. The Yin-Yang Circle, Möbius’s band, is essentially a self-portrait of the human being, who lives by and due to contradictions.
Möbius’s band is a metaphor for everything that’s simple, but surprising and difficult to predict. It is the product of magic and the symbol of dreams. It is everywhere. It can be considered a symbol of self-turning transformation, miracle, overturning, and restoration. It is an image of immortality!

Author: mydoina

Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes. -Carl Gustav Jung-

16 thoughts on “The Möbius band…”

    1. The Mobius strip or loop is nothing but an “Ouroboros”, we find it in all cultures of the world or in nature. Take, for instance, the well-known Greek myth of Sisyphus, forever condemned to roll a boulder up a hill in Tartarus, which rolls back down again before he can surpass it. Or, Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra: “Behold, we know what you teach,” says the author to his protagonist (the antithesis, in fact, of the historical Iranian prophet), “that all things occur eternally and we ourselves along with them, and that we have already been here times eternal and all things along with us.”
      Thank you for stopping by Brian, I have some projects in mind and some on paper, I will publish them soon. Have a nice week ahead!

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