“unconcious memoirs”

Every encounter, any interaction we have with a person, with a human, leaves us “unconscious memoirs”, which determine our later dislikes and sympathies. We put people on an imaginary pedestal, or we subcategorize them with nonchalance because we “feel” it. What we actually feel are our prejudices based on our hopes or anxieties.
The mind works through associations. We associate our perceptions with emotions.
Most of our memories are forming a threshold of awareness, in our minds “less conscious.” Intuition is actually the expression of this information subconsciously stored.


Author: mydoina

Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes. -Carl Gustav Jung-

4 thoughts on ““unconcious memoirs””

  1. Yes. The mind, or brain, is chock full of associations. Emotions, visual and auditory inputs accumulated, over the years. Floods of bits of info, organized in our human way. Which we apparently try to understand. We try to understand our behavior, our feelings. Not that we succeed, but we try because we’re human beings. The powers of the brain, of intuition, and then conceptual thought, are really quite amazing.

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