Nothing is infinite in us…

A portion of disillusion lives in each of us, in every man or woman we love, in every relationship we are involved in or that we wanted. But there is also a dose of hope, effort, and love. The truth is that everything we are and everything that surrounds us is well-dosed. None of us is ready to love and lose oneself entirely, as no one can forget until his/her last memory or provide everything. Things happen dosed, gradually, they undergo a rigorous frame time. Today we try to build and tomorrow we destroy.
Today we can love someone and tomorrow we consider him/her our enemy.
Today we are ourselves and tomorrow someone else, because nothing is infinite in us.
Beyond emotions, beyond love and even beyond the loved ones, there are limits. Some limits we set up ourselves and some we experiment with involuntary.
But the ultimate truth is: It does not matter for whom we have set up these limits. It only matters for whom we are willing to overtake them.

Author: mydoina

Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes. -Carl Gustav Jung-

7 thoughts on “Nothing is infinite in us…”

    1. 🙂 Ah, I like Hannah Arendt! Yes, I’m fine Brian, thank you! I’m glad that it’s spring … (it passed winter and hibernation) :)))), I was glad to see your last blog posts, as great as usual!have a great weekend! D.

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  1. If the universe is infinite, there are no limits and everything is possible, but even if it’s not infinite, it’s still unimaginably big – which means we have a lot of freedom and choices. Of course we’re only human, and our physical bodies are built according to laws of physics and biology. So there you go. I think within the constraints of our biology, the vistas and choices are amazing.

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