Follow your dreams!

Follow your dreams!
It seems to me romantic, the urge in the title. Unfortunately, it has become a kind of mantra, so widespread through the market of self-help and personal development, especially when the mantra is complemented by the utopia that: “the world will go aside, if you know where you are going” or that: “The universe is your accomplice,” or “the universe conspires to what you really want.” It happens frequently that the world (or some people), it against you and the obstacles, abound in a complex social world such as the one we live it.
To be clear to us, the dream is what it does, … who? Yes, the dreamer…
And the dream is like antonym, … at what? Yes to reality, to waking, since the dream happens in sleep or reverie.
If you are awake, it means you do not dream, or that what you dream (that is, images and words) are regarded as what they are and not as instructions/rules for what to do! It’s a colossal difference!
A life of meaning (s) does not have much to do with the dream, and it is the hell of a difficult one because it employs us fully. We are fully responsible, (minus only, the circumstances of life, or the” Lucky Strike” factor.:)) If I were to follow my dreams, literally, I would get tied in the straitjacket. 🙂 I refuse to remember what I dream of overnight or in an after-dinner reverie. You would not want to know… I have serious reasons to stay calm and make sure dreams are dreams, not prescriptions or instructions for my actions (or even worse, to sell them to others).
What I wish for you too, although,… depends entirely on you!

Author: mydoina

Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes. -Carl Gustav Jung-

5 thoughts on “Follow your dreams!”

    1. Yes, the butterfly dream- Zhuangzi -book…a whole philosophy has been built around this Story….This short story points to some exciting and much-explored philosophical issues, stemming from the relationship between the waking state and the dream-state, or between illusion and reality:
      How do we know when we’re dreaming, and when we’re awake?
      How do we know if what we’re perceiving is “real” or a mere “illusion” or “fantasy”?
      Is the “me” of various dream-characters the same as or different from the “me” of my waking world?
      How do I know, when I experience something I call “waking up,” that it is a waking up to “reality” as opposed to merely waking up into another level of dream?…..I think there is a real distinction between waking and dreaming — or really between any segmented phases in a series of transformations — we affirm our present being when we fully lodge in its “temporary role,” not violating the limits currently enclosing it.

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      1. Dreams a re reconstruction. That’s about all we know. (Despite my studying dear Dr Sigmund for 2 years). For those who do remember their dreams, the reconstruction is eerie. I have dreamt of my long-dead parents sometimes, not just their image, their voice…
        And that is a universe that only each dreamer can access. On the contrary, we all live in the same “reality”. But who’s to say we all see and experience the same “reality”? (There is plenty of empirical evidence that different people will interpret the same “thing” differently…) (Think politics for instance)
        Do you see colours as I do? No. (That is a fact)
        Language is another construct that in theory should have the same meaning to all. Does it?
        (At this stage I always go back to the cavern… TV being the modern wall on which we all see shadows…)
        Take care Doina.

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